Solutions for securing your Child’s Future

Most parents save for meeting various needs of their children. However it is important to understand that saving alone will not suffice. It is vital to save an appropriate sum of money and invest it systematically in suitable investment avenues.

Selecting an ideal portfolio mix of equity, debt, gold is a daunting task for most investors.

We help you chalk down a systematic plan with investment products and sufficient insurance to protect any setbacks to your child’s future goals

Our approach includes :

  • Evaluating your child’s future needs, and working towards chasing those need based goals. We also help you forecast the expenses that may arise in future.
  • Begin the process of saving and investing early. This will enable you to create an adequate corpus for the fulfillment of your child’s desires and ambitions.
  • The financial decisions will determine your asset allocation and portfolio mix which will be backed by your risk tolerance level and risk appetite.
  • We help you save for your other life priorities as well
  • Helping you select the right product mix for the best returns
  • Maintain adequate insurance cover to cater to expenses of children which may arise due to unfortunate and untimely demise of the earning member
  • Our guideline is to keep insurance and investments separate